7 Proven Ways to Get Legit Instagram Followers Reviewed by Momizat on . Social Media, a region that exists in the vast depths of cyberspace. A domain where you have perfect control over how you want to represent yourself. What you w Social Media, a region that exists in the vast depths of cyberspace. A domain where you have perfect control over how you want to represent yourself. What you w Rating: 0

7 Proven Ways to Get Legit Instagram Followers

5Social Media, a region that exists in the vast depths of cyberspace. A domain where you have perfect control over how you want to represent yourself. What you want to share, with who you want to share, who you want to talk to and who you want to ignore. This perfect realm allows every individual to share their ideas, interests and personality. However, many wonder if that is enough to gain the traction amongst fellow users. Undoubtedly it is not an easy task to be heard amongst millions of users who are trying to get attention, likes and fans through their posts. The difficulty is further amplified by the fact that in cyberspace your profile does all the talking and people have to stumble across your profile and get something eye catching which should get them hooked. One way to do that is to properly market your profile, however, such a case is not practical enough for normal individuals. Hence, in the following article we will try to cover some of the basics that will aid you in making your profile appealing and gain the much needed boost on social media.

3Gain Followers for Instagram – guaranteed exposure to thousands of Instagram users
Before you begin working on optimizing your account to score some followers, there is one thing that lazy bubs can do and that is to let an application do all the promotion for you. There are many applications available that give you the false hope of gaining additional followers, however the application we reviewed made no illusions and gave what it promised that is, it promoted our profile and got us some followers instantly. The application in consideration is called Gain Followers for Instagram and is developed by Tiny Robot Apps. The application guarantees exposure of your profile amongst its users based on the number of tokens you have. Each time a user follows you, tokens are subtracted from your account and every time you follow a user or perform tasks like watch an advertisement you gain some tokens. The best part is you have the authority to follow users that you think are worth following. You don’t have to follow any creepy accounts and if that doesn’t sound right you can always pay for tokens.

Get your Instagram flowing with this great app available here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gain-followers-for-instagram/id928851838

2Personalize your account – get a theme
Have an Instagram account but haven’t personalized it yet? Stop procrastinating and own your account. Give a personalized touch to your profile letting your creativity and interests speak out boldly to your audience. It is clearly visible that profiles which are doing great on Instagram are theme-centric and speak out about a particular interest such as Travel, Sports, Food or even Makeup. Focus on what your heart desires and pursue that theme on Instagram.

Stay Active – let them feel your presence

Social Networking is all about presence and activity, greater the presence and activity, more the exposure and bigger the audience. Therefore, jump on the social media bandwagon and start actively liking, commenting and uploading pictures letting others appreciate your presence.

1Make some trends – use hashtags
Hashtags are the trendsetters in the world of Instagram. Smartly using a hashtag and watching it spread like forest fire is one of the most beautiful things to witness. If you post content on common hashtags there is a really flat chance that you will attract any traffic. However, uploading pictures and videos, having a new catchy hashtag and content that complements your profile theme will work in an amazing way.

6Gain Exposure- time it right
Amongst trendy hashtags, popular pictures and profile having a personalized touch, there is one essential thing that you need not forget and that is timing. Timing is of the essence, if you post content to a hashtag that was used 10 days prior on an event, you will be unable to score any presence on that, however, if you time it right, you will gain the exposure you crave for.

Ask questions – make them eager
Questions trigger curiosity and curiosity triggers the urge to know more. Ask questions once in a while and it will only make your audience eager. Most of the times, the audience not only checks out the answer to the question but also looks at the profile of the poster which eventually translates into a bigger exposure on Instagram.

Stay Connected
While working on your profile don’t overlook other social networks. Ensure that you extend your outreach to all the existing social networking options that Instagram allows you to connect. Connecting other platforms allows you to bring in your existing connections to Instagram while also keeping your networks updated. When you post an update on Instagram, the same update can easily be spread out to your Facebook, keeping both your audiences updated.

In order to connect your accounts go to the Linked Account Settings via the settings option available in the dashboard and begin connecting.

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