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Best online ideas for secondary income

mindcron_business_ideaApp development :– Mobile users has grown rapidity in this decade and still growing with full pace which is going to overtake fixed internet users in couple of years.  Mobile applications are more popular than ever before, and people are willing to pay good money for ways to manage their lives from their smartphones. There are over 3 million apps for the iPhone and over a million apps in Google’s Android market. Most of these are selling like hot cakes. Developing and selling your own smartphone app is becoming a lucrative way to make online money. Apps cost virtually nothing to develop and no storage or shipping costs. So you can enjoy the best profit margins. If you have a great idea and happen to know coding, you can run with it and create your apps yourself. If you just have an idea, there are plenty of software developers looking to collaborate with people on app creation.

Blogging: – Blogging is the best and easy way for self-expression. If you are very much passionate about writing on particular subject or theme then blogging is the best way to make online money. All Blogging platforms are very cheap to set up and maintain, it does not require technical expertise but it’s important that you have expertise in the field you are writing on. You can generate a lot of traffic through your blog contents with relatively little effort and earn huge money. Building a large following will enable you to earn profit by advertising, writing paid reviews or getting commissions for promoting other people’s products. At last regular blogging improves your Writing skills and Presentation skill.

Online Paid Writing: – If maintaining a blog is really difficult for you but you still don’t want to pamper your passion for writing then you can write articles for others and get paid for that. You can write the attractive and quality article based on your subject expertise e.g. online Analytics. You can write for other blogs or sites such as Weblogs, Helium or PayPerPost. Paid writing has wide range of area where you can explore yourself such as Creative Writing, Resume Writing, Article Writing. If you have a strong command over languages, you can become a copy editor, where Webmasters will pay you to read articles and correct grammatical errors, sentence fragments, etc.

Online Teaching :–Online teaching industry is one of the fastest growing sectors. The demand for online tutors is very high with lucrative money making option. So, if you want to become e-guru then e-teaching could be the earning ticket for you. All you need to become an online tutor is expertise in your subject and a few spare hours per week. There are huge demands of language tutors from all over world. English tutors are more in demand in all non English speaking country. TutorVista, e-tutor, SmartThinking and are some of the known sites where you can enroll with. If you gain a good reputation as a coach, you could even conduct Webinars-lectures or seminars transmitted over the Net. College and university students are willing to pay to gain entry to a well-respected Webinar. Create youtube video tutorials and become viral over the internet.

eBook author :- Writing an eBook on your subject is a great internet idea to generate huge amount of online money. With e-readers becoming more and more commonplace, self-publication is becoming a reality for many writers who might never get picked up by publishing companies. You could successfully publish your own book on anything from cooking and weight loss to real estate on ecommerce business, with the right marketing tools. Define your audience, create an outline of the topics you want to cover and focus on the problem, you’re eBook will resolve for your audience. This is the key, because every successful eBook provides massive value to it’s readers. That’s all you need to start, everything else will fall into part while you’re writing. Nobody needs large publishing companies in these days. It’s easy to create an ebook with help of pdf, kindle or .epub format.

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