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Easy, Quick and Affordable Way to Build a Website with Pixtem.com

Jakarta, Indonesia – January 16th, 2013 – Pixtem.com has just gone online to provide simple solution for easy and instant website builder. Having own website has been an aspiration and even a necessity for people who run online business, or provide professional services. “In Indonesia, from more than 60 million internet users, many are already in the online business by setting up online shops in their blogs, Facebook accounts or sometimes even through instant messenger applications in their smartphones,” said Steven Octavianus, Founder and CEO of PT. Finixorgle Indonesia.

Pixtem presents a product to meet the needs of making a great website affordably and easily, which can be built by anyone, anywhere. “Pixtem provides easy, instant website which can be used as an online shop, a personal website for professional workers or a corporate site for a small to medium enterprise.”

In minutes, anyone can practically create and maintain their own website without having to understand design or programming. How? The product is quite straight forward; it is an online platform application that can provide solution for user to create their own website without having to know programming or designing skill. Available in the site Pixtem.com, are various kinds of design templates which can be applied by users to suit their needs. The provided systems and features enable every user to configure and fill in the desired menu in the created website, and also to configure product inventory for those selling their goods or services online.

There are two types of website service available on Pixtem. The first one is Personal; which is suitable for online company profile or individual portfolio. The second one is E-Commerce; equip with extra helpful features that can assist online shop owner to run and manage his business conveniently. Either type chosen, all of our paid service plan customer will enjoy the same included benefits of reliable hosting, free domain (www.myowndomain.com), SSL and Content Management System to help them updating their contents (images, text, product inventory, and video) easily. Our services plan starts from only $55/year and is recurring annually.

“With affordable pricing plans and a system easily learned by every user, we are certain that Pixtem can be a breakthrough in the e-Commerce industry in Indonesia especially,” said Johan Tandoko, Partner and Head of MarComm PT. Finixorgle Indonesia. “Pixtem will also do marketing programs and promote the websites of our users, so that their businesses can be found by visitors.” Not only does it target potential users in Indonesia, Pixtem will also attempt to manage the international market potential in the online world with competitive prices compared to similar foreign products. “Our vision of capturing the global internet users is expected to present an opportunity for every user in any country, especially Indonesia, to develop their business so it can be ready for the international market.”

Users interested in trying out Pixtem’s self website-making product can visit www.pixtem.com immediately to view the selection of pricing plans, the introductory video, and also for a live chat with Pixtem’s support team, who is always ready to answer questions from users and whoever wants to sign up. In addition to the Pixtem website, users may also interact on the Facebook page “Pixtem”, follow Pixtem’s Twitter account @Pixtem, and search for information in the blogs and forum available in the site.

About Pixtem and Company:
Pixtem service comes under the corporate entity of PT Finixorgle Indonesia, which was established in 2012 by 2 founders, Alfin Sarudin and Steven Octavianus. Pixtem was created to provide an efficient mass web building product to internet users, especially those dealing in online business, and also to professional workers. Pixtem has qualified Development, Debugging, Templating, Server & Maintenance, Marketing & Promotion, and Customer Support team, and will surely expand more in future.

For more information, contact:

Ardanari Sasqia (Achi), Marketing Communications Executive
Mobile: (+62) 8569807211
Address: Meruya Utara Raya, Kav DKI, Blok III,
No 1-2 Jakarta Barat – Indonesia Office: (+62 21) 58905747

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