Experience Andamans – A platform to deliver the best travel experience Reviewed by Momizat on . Experience Andamans - the most comprehensive platform for island travels, Where Mr. Awez Khan(founder) is trying to solve the issues of trip customization, easy Experience Andamans - the most comprehensive platform for island travels, Where Mr. Awez Khan(founder) is trying to solve the issues of trip customization, easy Rating: 0

Experience Andamans – A platform to deliver the best travel experience

Experience Andamans – the most comprehensive platform for island travels, Where Mr. Awez Khan(founder) is trying to solve the issues of trip customization, easy access, cost transparency, knowledge, more control over budget and unknown mistakes that can be made by a traveler who don’t know much about the islands.

What is Experience Andman all about? Thoughts behind launching Experience Andamans.
awez_mindcronMr. Awez – The company was founded in 2013 with the idea to explore and share the best of the islands.
We realized that many experiences are missing from the common board. We have started exploring destinations around the islands and started adding it to their repository and sorted out problems related to transparency in Andaman travel, which gave rise to “Trip Planner” where you can select from varied hotels, activities and experiences. The first one in the world where you can actually create your own Andaman trip. So, We are Experience Andamans- Explore, Enjoy and Experience.

Share some interesting anecdotes like how the idea clicked?, co-founders met?, agreed to the idea etc.
Mr. Awez – One day, in the year 2010 I took the courage to leave my lucrative job and come back to the islands to start Island Financial Services, which today provides financial solutions to many Private and Government agencies in the Andaman Islands. The firm has also become a Government recognized Common Service Centre for the locals in the islands and I feel very proud of this.

All during this, my friends and colleagues used to take suggestions from me regarding their travel plan to the Andaman Islands. I used to get excited after knowing about their visit, I made efforts to help them with their travel plan and used to refer them to people who organized trips. This used to happen when in many instances I encountered my friends saying “Andaman has nothing different and their travel experience was not as they expected.” I didn’t believed what they actually said. I knew something big was missing because we knew the islands otherwise. The true experience of the islands is not catered to the travelers and this is when the founding principles of Experience Andamans was formed. Where not just the hotel, not just the vehicle, not just one particular instance of a trip is exciting but the trip as whole is an experience where people write their own stories. I started working towards one question, How to help and make people aware about such experiences? Browsed over the internet and everything pretty much was not making much sense. Many things, though amazing was not mentioned and was not catered to. Azhar, a Computer Science Engineer from NIT Durgapur who is an avid traveller joined me in this initiative after returning back from the United States.

We want everyone to know that in the 21st century there exist a place, which has approximately 92% forest land, around 570 Islands, rich marine life, breathtaking virgin beaches, active Volcanoes and a place not lead by caste/religion differences. Where you come Enjoy, Explore and Experience.

How has been traction so far in terms of tourist coming to the platform?
Mr. Awez – In 9 months of journey, we were able to deliver the experiences to 260 people with an average spend of Rs 15000/person. for this coming season we have already made booking of 170 people & lots more are in pipeline. We have already crossed 25 lakh topline in 9 months & by March 2015, we are expecting to add another 45-50 lakh to the topline.

Mention some of the USPs, differentiators and major features of Experience Andman(EA).
experienceandamans_mindcronMr. Awez – Its our love towards the islands that has eventually become a USP for us. We don’t shy to share any issues with the travelers and are upfront to the questions that arises. We are always updated with the most recent updates on ground.

We identify and solve –

  • The way people travel to the islands.
  • We Improve knowledge, give transparency and offer amazing experiences
  • We are right from the time people check for the islands to the time they visit, complete their trip and gets back.
  • We follow a 360 Degree approach towards how people travel to the islands.

Throw some light on experiences offered by Experience Andamans.
Mr. Awez – We have come up with some of the most unique travel ideas, currently catered in the Andaman Islands.All our trips for both adventure and honeymoon lovers are  loved by travelers and suits most of their interest.

Some of the unique experiences exclusively catered by Experience Andamans are Trip to Uninhabited Islands around both Port Blair and Havelock Island. Here you get a chance to stay by an island in a cruise or big boats. We even conduct trips to India’s only active volcano, Barren Island. For Honeymooners we have plethora of surprises such as candle light dinner in a yacht. We are not into selling travel packages where people are bound to what is offered with barely minimum changes we want travelers to create their own stories in the islands. Our activities and experiences  section list some of these.

According to you – what’s the marketsize of tourism in Andman?
Mr. Awez – According to Market Research Division, MoT, Andaman & Nicobar
Islands survey of 2010-11 around 200,000 People traveled to the islands since then approximately 25% in increase of travelers is seen every year. Majority of the tourist belongs to the LTC group & its growing at a very fast pace.

Are you planning to step out of Andaman or will be limited to Andaman only?
Mr. Awez – We are looking forward to neighboring islands in and around India. And for us Andaman Islands is the right place to begin. Currently, NO platform that caters only to the islands exists and we will eventually look forward to become a platform for people where solution starting from the time they choose an island destination to visit to the time they complete their trip and get back. A 360 Degree approach towards how people travel to the islands. And we will cater only to the islands.

How you plan to scale the venture? How you are different from other alike platforms in Andman?
White Sand BeachesMr. Awez – We have just begun to scale our business with the first launch of Trip Planner recently. And once you are their you know its different and has been build exclusively for the Andaman Islands. Currently, no platform in the world exists with such diverse information about the Andaman islands. This platform will eventually evolve to add more information and to cater to many different islands. Having said that, within Andaman we didn’t see any such diverse platform where the best experiences of the islands are found. In the islands, its mostly a B2B culture where most people travel through 3rd parties to the islands as the visibility of many local business is extremely less.

Future plans and brief profile of founders.
Mr. Awez – We have just scratched the surface to what we are aiming at. A platform for island travel and experience where travelers right from a Backpacker to a Luxury guest can be educated, informed and suggested to create their own island experience. Where you can Explore, Enjoy and Experience.

Founders Mr. Awez Khan– MBA from Indian Institute of Planning and Management & being hailed from Andaman itself. Loves to dive & trek.
Mr. Azhar Khan– Graduate from NIT Durgapur, having worked at software companies and have even visited United States to deliver some projects.

Visit More – http://www.experienceandamans.com/

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