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Google / FTC Settlement: What’s Next?

Recently there had been a huge discussion between and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). After the clean answer of FTC, a lot of online companies get disappointed. But some of the leading competitors support that decision and are agreeing completely on what FTC has decided.

FTC has investigated assertion by some of the companies which have complained that Google has modified and renewed its search engine algorithms just to defeat their competitors and to bump them down. These rival companies also claimed that Google is trying to eliminate them altogether.

After a long term investigation FTC has made its decision and mentioned that Google is one of the greatest companies of America. FTC further said that the changes and advancement in the looks and search algorithms were made just to improve the search results and look. Google, however have to change some of its strategies as recommended by FTC. The chairman of FTC has said that his decision may be criticized as some of the competitive companies wanted FTC to do more investigation and check the working of Google’s algorithm.

However Google has accepted the terms of FTC and have said that they will change some their things that were ordered by FTC. These restrictions include three basic things which are mentioned below.

  • FTC has ordered Google not to use the patents that are purchased by Motorola. FTC says that using these patents could be the reason to exclude the competitors. These Patents include the “Standardized technologies” which runs through the smartphones, gaming consoles and tablet PCs. Chairman of FTC, Mr. Jon Leibowitz defined these patents as cornerstone of interoperability which enable the cell phones to talk. The settlement between Google and FTC is based on an agreement in which Google has to provide a license on the responsible, fair and clean terms to any other company who need to use these technologies.
  • Google has allowed websites to opt out of the Google search engine. Websites can also remove their content such as the reviews and articles from the specialized search engines like travel, shopping and local. People have no idea about how will it work. But it seems like Google will provide a tag to the competitors by which they can ask Google algorithm to remove their content from the certain products of Google.
  • The advertisers can export their ad campaigns from the Google AdWords. These advertisers will now can copy and mix the ad campaign content with third-party services.

Final Words:
Google has proved that they are not afraid with their competitors. Bigger search engines are still claiming FTC to investigate the matter again but still there is no evidence that Google has done something to bump down their competitors.

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