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HouseinCity – Commute time based search portal for residential projects

HouseinCity is a search portal for residential projects in India. Existing players in real estate space are advertisement based websites or broker sites, featuring listings from brokers as well as builders which are rarely updated thus making it impossible for users to filter out correct and updated information. Listings at HouseinCity are managed by owners as well as in-house data collection team thus minimizing chances of stale data.

Problem we are trying to solve:

There are thousands of real estate websites but not a single authoritative source of information for residential projects. Even if 10% listings are incorrect, it defeats the idea of searching for a new home online. We actively maintain all the listings and take care that no listing information is older than 30 days. Our neighborhood analysis tools help users evaluate the single most important parameter in real estate investment, location .Packaged together we believe we are as close as it can get to evaluating residential projects from the comfort of your home

What’s New?

1)     Commute time based search: Search residential projects within a fixed travel duration from a location. Eg:- Projects within 30 minutes from Koramangala, Bangalore in evening traffic. Commute time search takes into account traffic conditions.

2)     Metro Connectivity Heat Maps: Explore regions in a city with best or worst metro connectivity. Option to include under construction and proposed metro stations to visualize future connectivity.

3)      Amenities Heat Maps: Heat map of Amenities like Schools and Shopping malls in a city. Easily discover areas which are best for schooling, shopping etc.

4)     Project Connectivity:  In real estate, location is the most important factor. With project connectivity maps easily check commute times to different places in the city as well as the availability of amenities near that project.

*All commute based features take into account traffic conditions for that city. Commute time based search takes into account evening traffic, representing time taken to reach home from office. While project connectivity maps take into account morning traffic.

**For many projects lying in suburbs, connectivity maps are not available due non availability of routing and traffic information. For these projects we show region lying within 3 Kms from this point. This area is just approximate representation without caring of actual routes. We are working on some route approximation algorithms and we would be able to fix this issue soon.

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Location: Noida

Founding Date:  March 2013

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