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Human Resources Department is crucial for the success of organizations

Human_ResourceEmployees are the backbone of an organization. How well they perform their tasks, utilize their skills, conduct themselves and maintain discipline will determine if an organization would be able to achieve its goals or not. Thus employees have a great role to play in an organization’s growth and success.

To ensure that employees remain aware of an organization’s vision, values and conduct themselves as per the established rules, proper monitoring and supervision is required. Effective enforcement of organizational rules and regulations is performed by the Human Resources department.

Though the primary responsibility of an HR department is to recruit employees for a company, its operations go beyond recruitment. It analyzes employees’ performance over a certain time period and records the relevant data for the same. This department has to ensure that employees are performing as per the employers’ expectations and established standards. An HR manager has to work towards granting various benefits, facilities to the employees. He has to structure their salary and wages as per the demand in the market, employment trends and the specific job descriptions.

A human resources manager has to intervene, negotiate for resolving conflicts among the workers or between management and workers. As people within an organization have got different skills, qualifications, working styles, backgrounds and thinking, conflicts are bound to happen. But the HR manager responds quickly to bring the warring parties to the table and employs his interpersonal skills for conflict resolution. This helps to prevent any major disruption and damage in an organization.

An HR manager is responsible for maintaining healthy and conducive working environment. He has to work towards formation of appropriate reporting relationships at the workplace. Maintaining workers’ safety is also his concern. HR department has to contribute towards developing effective public relations. For this it has to plan and organize meetings, seminars and official get-togethers. Through such platforms, an organization gets an opportunity to open up to other businesses and potential clients, impress them with its achievements and strike mutually beneficial relationships with them. This helps it to grow further in the coming times.

On the recruitment front, human resources manager has to act actively for attracting the best of talent for hiring purposes. He advertises jobs on appropriate forums, shortlists potential candidates, contacts them, conducts interviews and selects the successful ones. Then he performs the necessary paperwork and formalities for recruiting them.

HR department ensures that the rules framed by the government for hiring employees and granting them salary, benefits are strictly implemented. It records related data and documents for the same. This helps an organization to protect itself from any litigations filed by the disgruntled employees as they feel they have been unfairly treated by it. The documentation saved by the HR department enables the organization to better protect its interests if faced with litigation.

Employees who do not perform satisfactorily and those violating established rules and practices have to be fired and this is done by the HR department itself. At times, a company feels it no longer requires the services of some specific employees. Then the department has to initiate the necessary measures for rendering such employees redundant for legally laying them off. It has to ensure that the established organizational and governmental rules are duly implemented while laying them off.

HR department through proper planning and monitoring helps to reduce costs incurred in managing employees and granting them various benefits. If there is no HR department, organizations will find it difficult to cope with the high cost of maintaining their employees.

This department helps to improve productivity of employees by arranging training sessions for them. So they get a chance to learn new skills and hone their talent further. This ultimately benefits the concerned organization. An HR manager undertakes appropriate measures to retain services of such employees who are performing exceptionally good.

This shows how important a human resources department is for an organization. It does not matter whether the organization is small, big or medium sized. The need for it is absolute. But small companies or startups may find it difficult to maintain an in-house human resource department due to their limited budget. But they still require it due to the various benefits it delivers. For such companies, it is convenient to seek services of an established human resource consulting firm. This will not only prove cost effective for them, but will also save their precious time. The vast experience and professional expertise of these consulting firms will enable companies to significantly improve their productivity and profitability.

Karen Gureghian is such a talented, vastly experienced and highly accredited human resources management professional who runs an expert human resources consulting firm of her own. Named as HR Business Partners, it provides expertise in recruitment, employee handbooks and policies, employee performance management, setting up an HR department, HR hotline and H-1B petition processing. This firm offers personal, ongoing and customized solutions for small businesses and startups. Karen’s guidance and directions has enabled many companies to better take care of their human resources needs.

If you are running a startup or a small business and still undecided about the usefulness of setting up a human resource department, the information presented here will help you to discover its various benefits. So you would be able to take an appropriate decision in this regard.

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