India’s first Business-Social-Network to providing Smart-Search-Representation – TrackNext Reviewed by Momizat on . is India’s first BSN (i.e. Business-Social-Network) where people can publish their personal as well as professional profile together at the same p is India’s first BSN (i.e. Business-Social-Network) where people can publish their personal as well as professional profile together at the same p Rating: 0

India’s first Business-Social-Network to providing Smart-Search-Representation – TrackNext is India’s first BSN (i.e. Business-Social-Network) where people can publish their personal as well as professional profile together at the same place. It  aims at providing Smart Search Representation (SSR) to give every member without charging them even for a little investment. Tracknext has a stellar SEO of 83% which covers not only the keywords rather the whole things you publish over it; resulting extra traffic to your business website. It also has a new feature such as providing Batches to students who do well in their tests & recommend them to the HR of recruiters, providing a platform to launch. It can maintain data which ranges from the person’s location, industry skills and also educational qualifications.

Tracknext_InfoGraphThe idea
Actually they saw that in India most of the Startups/Firms are good with their product & services; but are unable to scale it big as Startups/Firms have to hire some professionals to manage the SEO, social media management, newsletters as well as Hiring processes, which results on more expenditure of funds.

Therefore they built tracknext, a platform which is the cocktail of the solutions of all the problem Startups/Firms are facing, so that they can get extra traffic, Clients, they can make a good Impact on social media & also they can opt the finest employee to become the new solider of their team.

What are the features of tracknext & How will they help other business owners?
The key features provided by the network are;

  1. Built For Business:-
    TrackNext connects business owners with other business owners without a penny charged. You can also apply for partnership at the business page itself
  2. Good for SEO:-
    The portal is so optimized that it can enhance the SEO of any business having a company page or profile on TrackNext. It has a SEO of 83% which will put your business on the top of all search engines.
  3. Connect & Engage:-
    While the network helps individuals to connect with friends at the same time it helps business personals to connect with other business owners and potential customers. Business can also post Jobs & hire quality staffs through it.
  4. Its Free:-
    All of the features provided by the social network are free of cost. Even it provides free advertising for the companies on the portal. Also it gives 5 sliders to a business page, which are sufficient to describe all your product & services
  5. Spaces are useful:-
    This feature will become the USP for tracknext in coming days; here a user can create his own wiki, share documents in the drives, offer tasks & chat as well. It is just like a virtual working space weaponed with tools like Links, Tables, Charts, Pool, and Events & Location which can help you in easily working in team with full efficiency.
  6. Social Sharing Enabled:-
    This feature enables the user to share the published Posts/Jobs/Offers etc with the world over a single click. It helps the user in doing his social media management from a totally new stage with insights enabled support.

How is tracknext different from Facebook & other social networking sites?
Every feature on tracknext helps you in saving your time & money, also facebook & all other social networks facilitate drama & maximizes unemployment because of time engagements whereas trackNext is reverse of them.

Also platform like LinkedIn charge user for posting a job; whereas they don’t charge a penny for this; indirectly they are promoting employment, even the newsletter services are free of cost which don’t even exist in any networking sites & Last but not the least we are Made In India.

How many users are there on tracknext?
It’s just around two month of the launch & they have a user strength of 3000+ & 4000+ followers on official Facebook page.

What are the security features of tracknext?
They have all account password protected and there is privacy for all user to make their profile private or public as per their convenience.

About Cofounders:-
Ankit Verma-Belongs to Patna Bihar- based out in Mumbai whereas
Shibam Sarbswa-belongs to Jhumri Telaiya, Jharkhand – currently based in Delhi.
Ankit is Web entrepreneur professional with an experience of 4 years in this field; whereas Shibam is a serial entrepreneur & recent mechanical engineer full of energy & Ideas. So together they are the combination of Experience ideas & full of energy

Also to reach all our target audience/users they have launched their android app in the market : click here to Download from google app store. Windows & iOS app are on line.

Visit more:- Facebook

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