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An innovative educational video platform – launches world’s largest educational video creation platform, a cloud-based, video creation platform has officially launched. Binumi provides an innovative approach to video creation by offering its users a growing royalty-free multimedia library of over one million clips, combined with an easy to use online editor.

Educators worldwide are embracing the principles of 21st Century Learning and the Binumi platform enables teachers to create and assign exciting and dynamic courseware in minutes. Binumi has secured strategic partnerships with educational institutions throughout Asia, which has already generated over 150,000 student enrollments.

I believe that video will play a major role in education,” said CEO and former National Geographic presenter and cultural explorer Anthony Copping. “We are very excited to be pioneering the shift toward digital education taking place in Asia.

As the need for educational content continues to grow, so to does the concern regarding copyright laws and online piracy. Binumi offers a safe environment for users to create their videos by providing high quality content that can be distributed freely anywhere, including popular online social sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

In ASEAN alone, the total primary, secondary, and university population exceeds 558 million students, presenting an unparalleled market opportunity for Binumi to continue to change the face of education on a massive scale.

Fact Sheet

  • Binumi: Bin = Film production term for a collection of content that makes up part of a story Umi = Japanese word for “ocean”
  • Founded in 2010
  • Founder: Anthony Copping, a British born documentary filmmaker, explorer and entrepreneur
  • CTO: Carlos Herra, former Head of Product Management and Information Technology for Lazada Thailand – Rocket Internet
  • Innovative video education platform
  • Includes localised content for Thailand
  • Developed specifically to run smoothy with low-bandwidth infrastructure
  • Hundreds of curriculum based Story Templates
  • Over one million video, audio and special fx clips
  • Over seven thousand audio tracks
  • Easy to use online editing tool
  • Royalty-free content
  • Scalable and cloud based video platform
  • Strategic partnership with over 50 leading Thai education institutions
  • Over 150,000 students enrolled
  • Over 10,000 pre-paid subscriptions
  • Specialises in 21st Century Education (Create, Communicate, Collaborate, Critical Thinking)

About Binumi
Binumi is an innovative video platform, which allows its users to create videos of amazing diversity and to tell their stories instantly through cutting edge visual imagery. With Binumi’s easy to use online editing tools and vast multimedia library featuring one million clips, stories come to life in minutes. All Binumi content is royalty-free, so users can produce, distribute, and even sell their creations with the world.

Anthony Copping
Chief Executive

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