Late night idea to manage India’s top brands Reviewed by Momizat on . An Amazing and inspiring startup story who is now servicing more than 70 of India's top brands in Social Media Marketing, Branding & IT Consultancy. How you An Amazing and inspiring startup story who is now servicing more than 70 of India's top brands in Social Media Marketing, Branding & IT Consultancy. How you Rating: 0

Late night idea to manage India’s top brands

Togglehead MindCron StartupAn Amazing and inspiring startup story who is now servicing more than 70 of India’s top brands in Social Media Marketing, Branding & IT Consultancy.

How you got the idea?
Togglehead started off as a spontaneous late night idea. The more challenging it seemed, the more we wanted to do it.

To ‘Toggle’ means ‘to switch from one state to another’. After countless brainstorming sessions, FIFA 13’s controller setting screen attracted us to the word. It sounded cool and catchy. We added ‘head’ to give it some brain.

So, what you do exactly?
Togglehead are a bunch of young enthusiastic specialists in the field of Digital Marketing, Branding & IT Consultancy.

We make sure that companies that want to go social, go properly. We strategise, coordinate and implement plans across all Social Networking Sites using the company’s handles.

All in all Togglehead provides a complete Digital solution for brands. We provide the following services:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Solutions
  • Branding & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • On-Ground Marketing Activities & Campaigns
  • Applications & Software development

What was the foundation stone for your newbie?
Togglehead stands on three very distinct pillars that are the three founders of the organization

  • Aatef Bham, who specializes in marketing
  • Akshay Popawala, who runs the strategic front
  • Krish Ramnani, who heads software & info-tech

Togglehead’s forte is its design department. With over 35% of the team being designers working on all three pillars (social media, IT consultancy and branding), we’re pretty confident we’d surprise even the biggest agencies with our design.

How you got your first co-founder and other team member?
Recruiting a co-founder is something like finding a soul mate. Luckily for us, we knew each other for years. That kind of rapport stirred with distinct specialties knew we were just perfect for each other.

Krish and Akshay, push forth the idea on an annual Goa trip to Aatef, who was then working at a PR/Marketing agency.

What was your initial challenges and how you came out from those?
Aatef, Co-Founder of Togglehead shares their first experience at an FMCG corporate office. “Three 21 year-olds walking into a conference room full of suits was a big task in its own. But convincing them why they should be outsourcing their digital duties to ‘kids’ was the biggest challenge of that afternoon. We spoke about why trends change so quickly amongst the youth and how the online consumer needs to be spoon-fed information at times. By the end of the meeting, we were sipping on piping hot chai with the clients and making jokes about Rakhi Sawant and other trending topics. We walked out feeling like we conquered the world”.

Another instance Akshay shares is a time when they knew they didn’t have the manpower to carry out a project. The team was then working on a number of clients and had their hands full. Akshay had three choices; these were; to quickly hire, to take on the project without hiring (which would result in poor quality of work), or to turn down the project. Akshay says he has no regrets about his decision to turn it down.

What was your first success and how you have celebrated?
Our first success was signing-on Vir Das as our first client. We were new to pitches and felt we did a great job at that meeting.

As a celebration, we went home and had a nice 12-hour sleep. We hadn’t slept the entire night before, working on the presentation.

Where you are standing now and where you want to go?
Launched in December 2012, it has quickly grown to operate in 2 cities with a 20+ team and serviced over 70 brands.

Togglehead plans to break into the top 10 digital agencies of India and have an annual turnover of over INR 4.5 CR by end of 2014’s calendar year. They say if you manage to get people to use your name as a verb, you have made it up there. That’s the plan.

The best funniest moment with your team members or client during work time?
Sitting down with our first pan-Indian hospitality client for the introductory meeting, one of our co-founders accidentally said “Bra” instead of “Bar” in front of the entire marketing team of the client.

There was a long pause, broken by laughter from the head of marketing. Thankfully, we got the client and are still successfully promoting the bra bar.

Your biggest mistake and message to others.
Overpromising leads to under delivering. We learnt that, sometimes, clients appreciate if you’re honest about not being able to deliver quality work.

We had signed 3 clients in a span of a week with only enough staff to manage 2 new clients. We panic-hired 2 individuals only to realize that they had no real experience with digital campaigns. Eventually, our co-founders had to fill-in the spots until the two were replaced by suitable candidates.

Since then, Togglehead does not hire a full-time employee unless there is a strong internal recommendation backing the candidate after 3 rounds of interviews.

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