Mimiboards and iPortals – an unique ecosystem for content sharing in Africa Reviewed by Momizat on . We’re Umuntu… Umuntu who? Umuntu Media. We’re here to help communities by making it easy for them to create and share content. Hyper-local, super relevant conte We’re Umuntu… Umuntu who? Umuntu Media. We’re here to help communities by making it easy for them to create and share content. Hyper-local, super relevant conte Rating:

Mimiboards and iPortals – an unique ecosystem for content sharing in Africa

We’re Umuntu…
Umuntu who? Umuntu Media. We’re here to help communities by making it easy for them to create and share content. Hyper-local, super relevant content. We’re also here to help advertisers and media owners connect with communities. We’re building the local wide web and we love it!

 What are we good for?

  • We’re here for three kinds of people:
  • We’re here for communities. They use our products to find and add relevant local information.
  • We’re right behind media owners: they use our products to connect with communities and build revenue streams.
  • We’re pretty useful for Advertisers who rely on us to target communities through trusted local media brands.

 Just what exactly are we up to? Well, we think we’re perfectly positioned to become THE major player in hyper-local content – all over Africa and all over the world. What’s more, we’ve found a smart way to monetize the whole thing. Exciting right?

 Where have we been?

  • We’ve launched nine iPortals across Africa. We’re especially proud of iNamibia. It quickly leapt to biggest local website in Namibia. In three short months, in fact.
  • We’ve built exclusive access to the biggest database of restaurants and accommodation in all nine countries. Handy.
  • We won the Nokia and World Bank Innovator of the Year Award 2012 in Africa.
  • We’re the first African company to be selected as a finalist in the iMedia Next Wave competition. Finals took place in Austin, Texas on 15 October 2012.
  • We’ve just created Mimiboard. Google were so impressed they popped over for a case study.
  • Mimiboard brought 763,000 visitors to our network in the first month.

 How do we create value?
Our top priority is to build useful and engaging products. How?

Well, we find relevant local information… We’ve built our team to effectively give  readers in every country relevant content, daily. And then there’s Mimiboard: designed so you can search and find relevant local information in your country, on your street.

We pass relevant local information to a community through a trusted brand… Mimiboard technology gives our iPortals priceless local info from the ground, and our smart embedding technology allows media owners and community leaders to connect and gather info from all kinds of channels – SMS, Twitter, Mobile, Apps and more.

We create and monetize new models for Africa…  We create perfect ecosystems that allow media organisations to build engaging communities on their current platforms, boosting attention and traffic. This fosters content creation and offers innovative, sustainable revenue models.

We give advertisers access to local and highly engaged communities… We offer rich engagement opportunities in nine African countries through our iPortals – like CPM, social, sponsorship, email and more. Our proprietary Mimiboard advertising platform allows hyper-local targeting across the Mimiboard network, reaching consumers through trusted local media brands.

Mimiboards and iPortals – a unique ecosystem… Our Mimiboards and iPortals work together to create an ecosystem, supporting each other with traffic and content. The more Mimiboards we have, the more hyper local content can be found through iPortals. And of course, the more iPortals we have across Africa, the more people discover and use Mimiboards, driving ad value and revenue.

All about Mimiboard: – Remember Noticeboards? Outside the library, stuck to the shady tree in the centre of town? Well, what if there were noticeboards everywhere, for every little thing? You’d know exactly what was going on when you dropped by. You’d know if there was anything cool to do or see. Well, the guys from Umuntu Media had an idea. Why not make virtual noticeboards? What if you could just virtually stick them in the ground to serve a community? You’d have to make them easy to create and easy to find. So simple you could even do it using SMS on an old Nokia. We call them Mimiboards. (My boards in Swahili – thanks for asking.) At Umuntu, we have a simple mission: to help communities create and find useful content. Creating a valued community resource is a challenge any media owner faces. So is making sure your platform earns revenue. But when a platform is built at the heart of community’s needs, big things happen.  Mimiboards are taking off because there is a need for them. They advise on goods for sale, lifts offered to other towns, or latest jobs. They carry obituaries, restaurant specials, events or community news. They become the heartbeat of a local area. When backed and managed by local bloggers, community leaders or media owners, they quickly become indispensable.

Why create a board?
You may be a media owner, blogger, business owner, or community leader. Anyone who wants to can get involved.  Your virtual noticeboard can be anywhere. Decide where you want it, think of a good clear name, now join up your social universe by adding twitter feeds. Enable SMS communication and let your community start adding notes to the board. A fisherman might SMS the board to advertise his catch of the day.  A nearby church could publish a message about an upcoming event. Once your board is up, you can embed this community noticeboard on your website, blog, Facebook page or mobile site and bring the local conversation to the web. Your board is monetized through our ad network and your community can add featured notes to your board. Putting the board on your site could really boost potential revenue. Community members now have access to relevant hyper-local content through Mimiboards on their favourite local site. Media owners and advertiser can contribute, read and place featured notes to take your message to local people. Any questions? We’d talk all day about this stuff if you let us. Come and see us in sunny Cape Town, South Africa, or use this email address: chat@mimiboard.com

How do we make money?
The Portals follows a standard Advertising based model. Pioneering Digital Advertising in many of the African countries we are based in.

We aim to share revenue with the board owner/media owner:
The media owner in this scenario is the board owner. They created specific boards for their audience — boards that they know will be highly active and will be visited. It is our goal to ensure that the media owner generates a sustainable revenue stream from their board/activity.

Currently a media owner generate revenue on their sites from display advertising, using a variety of sales channels available, such as Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges and Direct Sales. It is not our intention to compete with or replace these existing channels — in fact we aim to add to them.

We have two monetisation models in which we share revenue with the board owner:

1. Integration with Africa’s largest ad network:-This allows current advertisers on the network to reach all our local Mimiboards, even if they are embedded in large websites. This traffic is monetised at an agreed eCPM rate. Brands can now place a targeted note on thousands of Mimiboards, embedded in websites / Mobile sites all over the world, generating millions of views. That success is shared with the board owner. As mentioned above this in addition to their current digital advertising offering will serve as supplementary revenue.

2. Featured notes:- The second model is much more focused on the users of the board, but with the end goal of generating additional revenue for the board owner. We have developed a board level advertising model, where a user can create an advert on a specific board. We call this function Featured Notes, and it is located at the top of the board for X amount of paid-for-page impressions. The CPM rate will be controlled by the board owner. We anticipate higher CPM rates as a direct result of supply and demand.  The revenue allocation of the Featured Notes is shared with the board owner with the board owner receiving the majority of this revenue. In summary, we are simplifying the process for local advertisers who are currently non-digital. users to advertise their product digitally on a site that is operated by a trusted and popular brand.
We also believe that through the revenue share model, the board owner would spend their own resources on user education and raising the popularity of this platform. By following this model we are also growing the digital advertising pie, changing the trajectory/ shifting the paradigm of how hyper-local advertisers will be spending on digital. We are building a smart hyper local ad network and Mimiboard grows organically without any additional marketing spend from Umuntu Media.

What are our objectives? 3 fold:

  • We want to reach the majority of bloggers, publishers and media owners and integrate with their websites.
  • Generate revenue and share that back with the board owners – encourage social development and upliftment.
  • Facilitate and encourage content creation and give the power of the conversation back to the media owner.

http://www.umuntumedia.com                           16 Loop street,Cornerstone Place, 3rd Floor. Cape Town

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