My Take on Enpreneurship for Wannapreneurs – CEO of Reviewed by Momizat on . How a simple idea brings about a change in our living. Mr. Sushant Pandey, CEO of is sharing his entrepreneurial thought and action to all aspiring How a simple idea brings about a change in our living. Mr. Sushant Pandey, CEO of is sharing his entrepreneurial thought and action to all aspiring Rating: 0

My Take on Enpreneurship for Wannapreneurs – CEO of

How a simple idea brings about a change in our living. Mr. Sushant Pandey, CEO of is sharing his entrepreneurial thought and action to all aspiring entrepreneurs.

SushantPandeyAbout Myself:
I am Sushant Pandey, CEO of (A low bandwidth Video conferencing service). I am a 2005 CSE grad from IIIT Hyd. I started with my career with Microsoft IDC but was bitten by start-up bug early in my career and hence after a short stint with a start-up co-founded IT Services Company called Effect Labs. After running it for more than 4 years I was still finding some gaps between my product mindset, reaching out to a much broader audience and really making the difference and hence went on to bootstrap “Tringgr” which is aimed to democratize web communication and make it usable with ease without worrying much about bandwidths.

My Opinion on Entrepreneurship:
I am a technology enthusiast and an Entrepreneur at Heart. It always asks for a bit more that being in a comfortable conventional career setup, sometimes the asking of Entrepreneur take a toll too but if you are clear or event want to give it a try, TRUST ME, it’s worth it. The immense satisfaction in carving out a company out of daily basis odds has its own charm and fun.

The journey from a being a Microsoft employee to an entrepreneur has been very exciting. Setting up an organization from scratch has been a totally different kind of experience. The enthusiasm and passion of building a company and team, recruiting the right talent that share the same passion like you is not the usual task I did before.

During initial set up phase, Mine was a 24X7 role whereby I tried various ideas some failed while some clicked. So, never get afraid of trying something new or just trying something because there is no laid out path to success and you have to lay it all by yourself at least in initial years.

Keep trying and Experimenting as the best Entrepreneur around the world have failed in their early ventures or during the course. It’s the learning that counts and its their ability to still try something new after failing that has caused them becomes the successful Entrepreneurs. Remember, your journey itself has started with a different experiment than usual or conventional career path so why get afraid NOW!

There are times when we find something really interesting to work but our thought process negates it because of the fear that probably this is much bigger than my potential or capability and we tend to drop the idea. NEVER DO IT! This is where a start-up either starts or stops. Follow your feel and give it your full for a decent time. The least you can get is some valuable experience which will pay off really well later and in the best case you will have the opportunity to live your dream. Look at founders of startups like Zomato, Embibe, Housing and many others.

It’s expands your horizon and helps you actually look at things both from the top and from the bottom. This is essential for strategic decision making and helps in long term.

One other important area I want to touch here is – If something doesn’t strike to you but still you want to go for Entrepreneurship then the best way to go about it is keep focusing on the work you do as your job will help you really grow and may be at a later stage you can jump in.

tringgr_mindcronWhat you should always keep in mind is try and interact with lots of people as business is all about people be it employees, customers or clients, attend start-up events, keep an eye on how the industry is moving and what’s getting disrupted. In the due course of your job you must be getting specialized in some area hence it’s also beneficial to keep an eye on what start-ups are coming up in your interest\specialization domain. Interacting with them can really help one with finding some problem space. I believe that if you are a Wannapreneur but leaving job is difficult then keep growing in your role and try to work with start-ups in your space. I am sure at some point in time you will get opportunity to start on your own!!

Now, with the internet starting to boom in India there are huge opportunities for startups and budding Entrepreneurs. Presently the boom in e-commerce can easily be seen and similar potential unlocking is going to prevail in Education and Healthcare industry in next 3-5 years. There are many other open areas and the internet, smartphone reach and the trust on online transactions have unlocked real business opportunities.

There’s a lot happening in Industry and India specifically at the moment. If you look at how Technology trend change to client focused and Mobile penetration, business paradigm changes, huge VC interests, BigData and lots of data produced, IoT, Trust on Internet transactions etc are enabling disruption in various traditional business and thus opening up opportunities for start-ups to really grow and scale.

The present start-up ecosystem is no more an amateur in India and I see a lot of support in form of Incubators and Accelerator program all across India.

So, in my opinion this is the right time for people to think about problems or services that can either be solved or improved and start Entrepreneurship.

My advice to Wannapreneurs –
Always have the desire to do something innovative. Think how technology can impact people’s life. Take real world examples of Flipkart, paytm, etc. How a simple idea brings about a change in our living. And simply putting “At least go out give it a try with your own ideas may be for a couple of years. There is no harm rather there’s a lot in return. So “TRY STARTING UP NOW!!”

“If you are not playing with all in, you are really not playing.”

“Everyone is special. Try to find what makes you special. If you know then keep nurturing it else keep trying”

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