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TippingCircle – Social payments and fundraising made easy

Know about TippingCircle:- As more and more people stop using cash, there is a growing need for personal payments online.  When I need to split a bill with my friend for any reason like for lunch or when we share a cab, I need a fast and easy way to pay my him back.  I rarely have cash on me, so I simply want to tap my phone a few times and be done with it.  Online personal payment systems are quickly growing in popularity as people look for ways to send money to their friends online.  Also, at times, it can be awkward to ask someone for money.  Social payments add a spin to online payments making it easier and less bothersome to request money from someone.

TippingCircle, A New Hot Startup

TippingCircle is a social payments startup that allows it’s users to send, request, and share payments with friends at home or on the go, setup group payments for events, and run social fundraisers.  TippingCircle is being embraced by social media users as they use their social payment profile to expand their social network and make life more convenient through personal payments.  This has become a one-stop shop for the various types of personal payment methods used online.  Tipping buckets are used for group payments and fundraisers.  You can setup a tipping bucket for birthdays, weddings, funerals, or any type of event and run social fundraisers to raise money for a cause you’re passionate about.  All payments are processed through PayPal giving this application a global reach and a very quick setup process.  Especially if you already have a PayPal account. TippingCircle provides convenient apps, both mobile and desktop, that truly do make personal payments simple, social, and secure as they claim.

Uniqueness about TippingCircle:-   TippingCircle is unique in that it not only processes personal payments on mobile devices but it also provides a social payment profile for each user.  Tipping buckets add a unique advantage over other competitors giving users the ability to setup group payments and social fundraisers in addition to P2P payments.

James Davis – A software developer and entrepreneur who enjoys building innovative applications that disrupt the online payments and social media industries. In June 2012, James sold SoftPay (softpaysolutions.com) to AlphaPoint Technology and is excited to make this next project an even bigger success.


Launched date:-   1/7/2013

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