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How to use eAssistance Pro to reach out to your visitors while they are surfing the website and earn their credibility

Online shopping portals came into existence with the purpose of providing home shopping benefits to the customers and most importantly for generating revenues. However, it took time for online shopping websites to gain trust of customers. Reason being, in a brick-and-mortar shopping store there is shop owner to provide assistance and solve customer queries but in an e-store, a customer lacks that assistance. In the past few years, with the introduction of Live chat software, more and more customers are turning up for shopping on online portals as now they can directly get assistance by simple clicking over ‘Live chat’ button.

Get-in-touch-with-the-customers-in-real-timeHow eAssistance Pro Live chat can boost your online sales?

Get in touch with the customers in real-time: Providing special attention to the customer individually, makes him feel special. Getting in touch with the customer via eAssistance Pro Live chat is like attending to the customer personally and resolving his queries. In a way, it sets up a direct touch between the customers and the sales professionals which directly affects the customer’s loyalty and hence boosts your product’s sale.


Track the navigation history of the customer..Track the navigation history of the customer to understand him better and for providing him offers accordingly:  Monitoring the navigation history of any customer is one of the most crucial tasks to perform as it gives a close idea of what the visitor is looking for on your website. You can get hold of the information like the web pages he is visiting, how much time he is spending on that particular page, etc. After gathering all the details of the visitor the chat operator will take no time in understanding the visitor’s requirement and can directly provide him with the best deals on products that he is looking for. This could definitely help you fetch a customer.



Proactive-Live-chat-requestsProactive Live chat requests:  There are two type of visitors on your website- one who just surfs and never returns back while another is who spends time surfing on your website and finally purchases a product. When any such loyal customer returns on your website next time, it is a good idea of sending him personalized chat notifications with attractive deals you have got or simply a greet message.

Summary:  When online shopping portals came into being, the websites experienced heavy traffic of visitors on daily basis but there were only handful of them who actually made purchases. Reason being lack of trust and assistance provided on the websites which is available on the shopping stores. But today, with eAssistance Pro Live chat, the entire scenario has changed. People find the option of getting Live chat assistance more comfortable to get their queries resolved. In fact, most of people prefer only those websites which have Live chat application enabled within their websites.

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    I am totally agree with your thought. I am using your software on my website and it help me a lot to improve my customer service, and also help me to improve quality of my products as I can get the instant review of my customer about my product.


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