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Vidioh – Traditional networking bolstered by innovative video business cards

Vidioh:-  The video business cards feature an embedded 2.4 inch high quality video screen that activates automatically when the card is opened, delivering a personalised message.  The innovative card is the first of its kind to be launched in the UK and challenges the traditional methods of networking.
The Vidioh Business Cards are the same size as most traditional business cards (50x90mm) although they are slightly thicker (approx 7mm) to house the components. As well as the 2.4 inch screen there is an integral speaker and 128MB of integrated memory. Cards can be charged using a standard USB to mini DVI cable while the battery capacity is 1hr with the video running.

Vidioh’s CEO Martin Simcock says, “There is a ‘wow’ factor when you hand them over in meetings or networking events…The reaction has been great. The ability to tailor messages relevant to key people you are going to meet surely breathes new life into the business card idea.”

Why choose Vidioh:- With consumers exposed to an average of 5,000 advertising messages a day, how do you ensure that your communication achieves stand out and drives response? Open your eyes to Vidioh! an innovative marketing tool that combines the power of high resolution video with the precision of direct mail. Vidioh can deliver highly impactful marketing campaigns that get your message in front of key customers in an extremely engaging and memorable way.

The viral effect:- A key benefit of Vidioh is that its originality and wow factor will encourage the recipient to show their Vidioh card to colleagues and friends alike, increasing the reach of your campaign and with response rates as high as 45%, Vidioh can massively outperform traditional print media and delivers excellent ROI. Vidioh has quickly caught the imagination of large global businesses, including Xerox, VeriSign, Hitachi Data Systems and the QE2.

Vidioh is simple, yet effective:-  Utilising ultra-thin LCD screen technology, which can be built into just about any traditional marketing media. We offer a range of screen and card sizes, which auto-plays the video when opened. Our standard cards have an integrated memory and 30-minute battery and have up to 3 buttons. We offer optional extras of outer postal boxes, cables, headphones and sockets. Upgrades to memory and battery are also available. Vidioh Point-of-Sale is now available – the same video technology, embedded into acrylic units with mains power.

How Vidioh is being used:- So far our clients campaigns have included product and service launches, event invitations, corporate brochures, and point-of-sale. The applications are endless!

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