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yutongo – a business orientated idea crowdsourcing application

yutongo is a business orientated idea crowdsourcing application which is designed for teams in larger corporates and small and medium businesses. It helps teams and people (product manager, marketing manager, developers, R&D managers, innovation managers) who face creative challenges to come up with ideas and solutions to their problems following the yutongo crowdsourcing process along with the yutongo community and/or internal teams.

yutongo lets customers start idea crowdsourcing challenges and collect ideas from employees and the yutongo creative community within minutes and hours.

Creativity approach briefly:- Ideas are created using the unique yutongo creativity approach where complexe creative task is broken down in easy subquestions. 2 – 50 participants in one process go through all these idea triggering sub-questions and collect inputs, hints and fragments of ideas. The innovators then create smart idea combinations based on the material collected by all participants.

The application automatically scans the contents of idea challenges submitted by customers and finds matches within the yutongo creative community.

Participants can be micro-paid for each participation through the yutongo application.

Plans start from 49$/month, including a free plan.

The main differences compared with current open innovation websites are:
- The creativity approach of yutongo is unique. Participants follow a structured ideation process and instantly inspire each other
- Unlike with other innovation sites, yutongos project owner can pay each participant each time they participate. It’s micro labor combined with innovation crowdsourcing. Normally, innovation websites compensate participant through the winner takes it all approach
- self service application, most innovation site don’t offer selfservice applications and host an expensive consulting service behind their web platforms

Founders detail with brief profile:-  www.yutongo.com/team

Sandro Morghen, CEO – Has been one of the mastermind at BrainStore Idea Factory in Switzerland and conducte over 600 live ideatin projects. yutongo is an attempt to bring a great process approach onto the web. /

Walid Ahmed, CTO – Studied neurobiology and former member of BrainStore

Funding status:- Series A seed financing for building first commercial release (comes in autumn 2013)

Contact Detail:- yutongo is based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, http://goo.gl/maps/9DZFw

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